Bente Schlick

"Bente has been accompanying us with her artistry and illustrative capabilities for years, and yet she manages to amaze us anew to this day." – Beyond Worlds GmbH

About Bente

Bente Schlick was raised in Schleswig-Holstein and even in her childhood did not want to part with her drawing pen. Later she learned how to draw using a graphic tablet and has been working using a digital pen since. After her degree in illustrative design she decided to be self-employed in her early twenties and to live and work in Hamburg. Her customers are big national and international publishers and agencies. Her illustrations have also been released on numerous licensed products like calendars, puzzles and stationaries in the world and now also exclusively on selected products in our shop. Bente Schlick's art excels through fantasy elements and a precise, photo-realistic style.

Hand-signed art prints

Very few signed art prints are available to celebrate Bentes store opening. Only for a short time!

More high quality art prints

Desk pads and Mousepads

"Ursamajor" Desk- / Playmat

"His Realm" Desk- / Playmat

"Fenghuang" Desk- / Playmat

Mousepad "Topas"

Mousepad "Mint & Roses"

Mousepad "Victoire"

Mousepad "Wolf"

Mousepad "Red Panda"